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Enjoy free Wi-Fi

We believe that when a hotel advertises free WiFi, they should provide travelers with a fast and reliable connection. 

Concierge service

Top-tier hotels have a lot to recommend them: luxurious spas, twice-daily room service and superb on-site restaurants.

Pool access

Hotel has pool room, in particular, hotels based in big cities might require keycard access to get into the pool. Spa, and amenity access.

Beautiful Adventure Awaits

There is so much to explore and experience in Coron – blessed with pristine white sand beaches, stunning rock formations, exquisite hot springs and lakes, historical shipwreck sites, and some of the best diving spots in the world.

New Paradise Found

Reconnect with your loved ones and create moments thru exciting array of activities in and out of the resort. Savor a truly Zuri experience with our special rates and curated activities for everyone to enjoy.


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